Who is that talented, handsome voice I hear?

Born in New Jersey, but he doesn't want to brag about it...

  He was the Capri Sun "Respect the Pouch" announcer which won a 2010 Gold Effie Award so he tells his mother that he is an award winning voice artist. He has done radio and television commercials since 2007 for McDonald's, Best Buy, Dannon Danimals, Tidy Cats, AT&T and many more. 
  As a voice actor he plays Boomer The Super Cat on the podcast Hero Hotel and is host of a trivia show called Money on the Sidewalk, both shows can be found on the Pinna Audio App for children. He has worked for Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many anime movies. He was also Ricky in Rockstar Games Bully as well as other voices in Grand Theft Auto V.
  As a comedian he was seen on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, MTV, and had a show on SiriusXM called Unlimited Lives which is now on iTunes.
  He has been on improv house teams at UCB, The PIT, The Annoyance and Reckless Theatre. So he is very funny.